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Customer Reviews for Spence & Frye GM Specialist of Pasadena, CA

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Here’s what some of our Pasadena, CA customers are saying about us:

I am so glad I took my 2015 Chevy Sonic here, it needed a lot of maintenance due and the staff were so helpful in informing me what it needed and a precise day/time it would be done. I love this place!!! My car was vibrating and I didn't know for what reason and when I picked it up it drove as smooth as the first day I bought it off the car lot. :) such an amazing place and team, I will be coming here again and recommending more people here.

Veronica Bravo Spence & Frye GM Specialist Customer Review

fast friendly and thorough job!!! the owner even test drove my van!!! highly recommend!!!

Bob Kent Spence & Frye GM Specialist Customer Review

They changed my fuel pump . Fast and awesome service. I highly recommend this mechanic.

Alain Muradian Google Review

Very honest people, friendly.

Maria Sheridan Google Review

My son-in-law, who is a car guy, always had his vehicles taken care of by Spence and Frye.... he referred me to them as the best place to go to have my car repaired...That was several years ago and I wouldn't consider going anyplace else. Art is kind and gracious, and good at explaining what needs to be done, to someone who knows little about the mechanics of cars. His staff is excellent at what they do and I trust them completely to do the best job possible.

Shirley Rauter Spence & Frye GM Specialist Customer Review

The mechanics have been replacing several parts on my 1987 Regal. I am trying to keep the car as original as possible. The shop is very flexible because many of the parts for my car are extremely hard to find. Their workmanship is excellent and as a a result my car runs much better.

Ped Lop Google Review

5 Stars!

HeRsEy Garcia Google Review

I have had Spence and Frye do several jobs on my kit car and they have performed every job optimally. They have accurately diagnosed tricky problems and corrected them. They also work very fast and complete jobs in just a couple of days. Don't put up with mechanics that want to keep your car for weeks!

I always deal with Art, who is friendly, honest and knowledgeable. I have wasted thousands of dollars on mechanics that did poor quality work. I'm so glad that I now know to go to Spence and Frye for mechanics I can trust!

dangerrussmetal Google Review

Spence and Frye GM Specialist is super clean and well origanized. I highly recommand you call Omar and he is a very nice guy, professional and trustworthy. I sent my car to him for the regular maintenance and totally sastified with there services.

Thanks Omar!

Jason S Google Review

Had some electrical problems on my 06 Yukon Denali. Took it here since they were the only shop to confirm that they had the ability to program a body control module. The new bcm didn't resolve the issue, but I brought the truck back and they performed extensive troubleshooting and got the truck fixed right. I'm not happy about the cost of the repair since it was money that I was saving for vacation, but the truck is repaired correctly and appears to be ok. A lot of my issues was from third party garbage that was improperly installed on the truck. The shops expertise got the issues resolved and while my wallet is a lot lighter, at least it's fixed until the next thing breaks.

The shop is clean and the staff is very friendly. They explain everything going on in detail and will follow up with you before any repairs are made. Art even stayed late so I could pick up my truck after the shop closed. I got all of the garbage that they uninstalled to I could see all of the work they did. If I ever have a problem again, I'm going back to these guys as they really know their GM's.

Arvin P. Yelp Review

Really great service, super fair prices, HUGELY appreciated:)! I took mom's car there on the recommendation of my mechanic. I really didn't expect them to repair it without an appointment as they appeared to be quite busy. Art was exceptionally friendly (even though I interrupted his lunch) and said they'd take a look at the car & see what they could do. He gave me a quote and asked if I could wait about an hour. The car was repaired in no time and Art charged me less than he quoted (that never happens!). I dreaded going to a mechanic I was unfamiliar with but this ended up being a pleasant surprise. I can't recommend this business HIGHLY enough! Thanks again for saving the day;)!

Teresa S. Yelp Review

When I first walked into this auto shop, the first thing I noticed were the clean and pressed uniforms worn by all of the technicians. Had a very old school service station vibe.

Inside the waiting area, there are certificates of various GM specialty training hanging on the wall. Kind of like a doctor or lawyer has behind their desk, in an effort to relax any anxiety, and create a feeling of safety that comes from expertise.

The service itself was very thorough. Clear diagnostics, explanation of services rendered as well as potential problems brewing. As I driver of an older truck, it becomes important to maintain, and use proper replacement parts. I was very happy with the attention to detail that was given.

The price is a little high, especially considering it is on a street with dozens of other auto shops. It's what you would pay at a dealership, versus an independent. I winced a little bit at first, but then I drove my truck for months without a problem. Worth the extra nickels.
My 2002 Chevy Tahoe loves it here. It's like a spa for a GM vehicle.

Geoff G. Yelp Review

I've been taking both my service vehicles and personal cars to Art at Spence & Frye for over 10 years, since I learned of them from a former employer, who swore by them. My first experience was a quick and successful diagnosis and repair of an ignition problem that had baffled several other mechanics. Since then, I've never regretted my choice for service. Prices are reasonable. Communication is prompt, honest, easy to understand, and not couched in salesmanship. Estimates are accurate. Service is prompt. I recommend Spence & Frye very highly, particularly to owners of GM products and service/fleet vehicles, but they are well versed in other makes as well, foreign and domestic.

Otto P. Yelp Review

I have taken my 2010 Suburban and 1990 Sedan Deville to Art since I found out about them earlier this year. Prices are reasonable but the true benefit is how knowlegable Art is with the GM vehicles and he explains in detail every estimate and diagnostic to you in a way that you can understand so you are not lost and so that you can better understand what the problem is. I have enjoyed my services so far and look forward in taking my cars back to him with any issues. I highly recommend this to anyone with a GM vehicle or any other make for that matter. Keep up the good work Art.

Klever Z. Yelp Review

Spence and Frye GM Specialist is super clean and well origanized. I highly recommand you call Omar and he is a very nice guy, professional and trustworthy.
I sent my car to him for the regular maintenance and totally sastified with there services. Thanks Omar!

Jun S. Yelp Review

I have been taking my cars (mostly Buicks and Cadillacs) to Spence & Frye for more than thirty years. Their repair estimates are always accurate and honest, and the prices are reasonable. They have the repairs completed when they say they would be, and Art, the owner, always explains to me what they have done. During routine servicing of my cars, when they find something that might go wrong--like a worn-out hose--they tell me about it first and make the repair before this becomes a major problem. I have complete confidence in Spence & Frye, and Frye, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Harold S. Yelp Review

I have a kit car that has needed a lot of work. It takes real experts because there is almost nothing standard on a kit car. I have been through several mechanics, with disastrous results, and I'm glad I found Spence and Frye! They have done several big jobs for me already and each one was done competently, quickly and at or below the quoted price. I highly recommend them to any GM car owner.

Russ F. Yelp Review

Have to say I was a little worried about going to any mechanic to get my car fixed. This place did come highly recommended so I thought I'll give them a shot. Thank God I did. Art was so knowledgeable, I felt very at ease with him. He walked me through everything and even followed up with updates on my car. When I called them I spoke to Omar who was also very helpful. Service was prompt and prices were reasonable. Several places should take note of their great customer service skills. I highly recommend them.

Elsa C. Yelp Review

I've taken my cars to Spence and Frye for a long time and think of Art (owner) as a friend. Besides being friendly, helpful land honest, the guys are very good at what they do- diagnosing and repairing cars. Shop is always clean and orderly. A word that kind of sums up the way I feel about Spence and Frye is trust. I recommend them highly.

Steve H. Yelp Review

I have had Spence and Frye work on my cars for many years. Their attention to detail and even the occasional follow up phone call after repairs has kept me safe on the road. When I bought a new car, I checked with Art first to make sure that he would be able the vehicle because I didn't want to change repair shops. Good guys, good work!

Pat B. Yelp Review

Spence & Frye has provided service for our family for more than 20 years. (Maybe longer). They are professional, kind, and get the job done right. If you need service for your GM car, Nissan, Saturn or more, I highly recommend Spence & Frye.

Carla F. Yelp Review

Spence & Frye represent the gold standard of independent auto service shops. Art and Omar are top-notch GM experts. They use AC Delco (factory) parts as a default, but tif you ask, they will also use generic aftermarket parts to save you some money, especially if it's something that doesn't really make a difference. (Word to the wise though, some AC Delco parts are truly better quality).

Spence & Frye are more expensive to use than most generic automotive shops, but they're way cheaper than the dealer shops, and in my opinion they are better trained, and more customer focused (since service is their only business, and they need repeat customers to survive). I'm an engineer with a lot of automotive maintenance experience, and I research repairs before I have the work done, and I can say for sure that these guys are as good as it gets.

Eric E. Yelp Review

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